Welcome to iPad Academy!

We are excited to welcome educators from around the United States to this year's iPad Academy. Participants will have the opportunity to hear from teachers who have effectively implemented iPad programs in their classrooms, as well as network and share their own experiences with integrating mobile learning into their schools.

Thursday, June 28 will start off with an “unconference” designed to get teachers talking and sharing information on how iPads can transform the K-12 classroom. What’s an unconference, you ask? Click here to learn more.  Friday, June 29 is filled with dynamic breakout sessions and lively discussions covering all subject areas and grade levels.

 Here’s a snapshot of a few of the sessions:
  • Of Cats, Mice, and Barley: Putting the iPad to Work in Education by Rueben Puentedura
  • My Principal Gave Me an iPad Cart and I am Scared to Death…Help! by Kim Darche
  • Digitizing Math Metacognition by Jennie Magiera
  • Powerful Collaboration with Web 2.0 Tools by Carolyn Skibba
  • Redefining the Special Education Classroom with Student Created Content by Anita Orozco
  • Using iPads in the High School Classroom by Teresa Pohlad and Kristin Peterson
  • and more…!

We hope you are as excited as we are for this event. Take some time to peruse this site to read about the featured presenters and sessions for this conference.

We look forward to seeing you at iPad Academy!

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