Unconference: Get the conversation started!

An unconference is....
  • Spontaneous
  • Sessions are planned by attendees
  • Conversation based - share what you know, ask what you want to know!
  • Personalized professional development
  • Utilizes personal technology (Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone) and wifi to share and communicate ideas  

Top 5 tips when attending an unconference
  1. Participate. Shyness is not an option.  You are here to learn.  You are here to take something back to your classroom and impact your students tomorrow.  You are here to make connections.
  2. Bring your technology! Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones are essential for collaborating, sharing and communicating your ideas.
  3. Find your conversation. Walking out of a session you thought you were interested in but turns out you are not is an acceptable behavior.  Entering a room anytime is also accepted.  If you do either, please enter/exit quietly.  Find the right conversation for you!
  4. Try something new.  Haven’t heard about PLNs?  Not sure if you know how to assess digital assignments?  Never touched an iPad before?  No problem.  We are all here to learn and share regardless of experience.
  5. Build and expand your Personal Learning Network (PLN).  Learning is about relationships. It is great that you are here today, but what happens tomorrow when you go back to your class?  Make sure you can continue to conversation and learning by getting people’s email, twitter handles, blogs, etc.  Your professional development is in your own hands.

Still unsure about what an unconference is all about?  Watch a video from edcampPhilly.org  conducted in a similar unconference style.

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