Dr. Ruben Puentedura - Keynote Speaker
Dr. Ruben Puentedura is the Founder and President of Hippasus, a consulting firm based in Western Massachusetts, focusing on transformative applications of information technologies to education. He has implemented these approaches for over twenty-five years at a range of K-20 educational institutions, as well as health and arts organizations. He is the creator of the SAMR model for selecting, using, and evaluating technology in education, which currently guides the work of the Maine Learning Technology Initiative, as well as projects in Vermont and Sweden. His current work explores new directions in mobile computing, digital storytelling, learning analytics, and educational gaming, focusing on applications in areas where they have not been traditionally employed. He can be reached at

Jennie Magiera
Jennie Magiera is a 4th-5th grade math teacher and a math/technology coach. For the past two years, she has been seeking to transform her classroom through effective 1:1 iPad use. As Chicago Public School's Tech Innovator of the Year, a Golden Apple Teacher of Distinction, and an Apple Distinguished Educator, Jennie works with fellow educators by writing curriculum, speaking at conferences and leading workshops for various organizations. Recently she had an iTunes U course published on Digital Differentiation with Screencasting. You can read more about her work at or @msmagiera on Twitter.

Jennie’s Spotlight Session
Digitizing Math Metacognition (Grades 3-8)
This session will explore different activities that can increase math metacognition and problem solving skills while integrating with teachers' existing math programs and Common Core State Standards. Participants will learn how to increase differentiation and improve assessment through various iPad activities such as blogging, screencasting and problem creation. For a hands-on experience, participants should bring an iPad to the session.

Kevin Cram
Kevin Cram is a chemistry teacher at Lake View High School in Chicago Public Schools.  As a recipient of a grant supported by CPS and Apple, he has implemented a 1:1 iPad program into existing chemistry curricula for the past two years.  Cram has also participated in the NASA and NSTA supported IDEA project to align state and district K-12 science standards with NASA/NSTA created digital resources.  With Lake View High School transforming into one of five new STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) schools in CPS, Cram is now helping develop a multidisciplinary science curriculum supported with his iPad technology.  You can follow more of his work at or @crammingscience on Twitter.

Kevin’s Spotlight Session
Creating Digital Assessments (Grades 9-12)
This session will focus on how the iPad can be used as a creation device to display concept mastery.  Examples of student projects in physics and chemistry courses will be used to highlight the multitude of digital resources that students can access on the iPad to creatively display their content knowledge and evaluate their peer’s products.  Apps that will be highlighted include Coaster Physics, Voicethread and ShowMe among others.  Bring your iPad to explore for yourself.

Carolyn Skibba
As technology specialist at Burley School since 1999, Carolyn Skibba has taught technology classes for grades 1-8, developed technology curricula and integration strategies, led professional development for the school and district, and implemented a 1:1 laptop program.  She currently supports the school’s iPad initiative in grades 1-5 and presents frequently on iPad curricular integration and program implementation.  Before joining Burley, she was a third grade teacher, an Upward Bound instructor, and received her master’s degree in Technology in Education.  She is an Apple Distinguished Educator and a recipient of the 2012 Chicago Public Schools “Ones to Watch” award.  Learn more about Carolyn and Burley’s iPad program at, or by following Carolyn on Twitter, @skibtech.

Carolyn’s Spotlight Session
Powerful Collaboration with Web 2.0 Tools
We know that collaboration is an essential twenty-first century skill and that teamwork in the classroom can enhance student understanding.  By using free web 2.0 tools such as blogs and social networks, students can engage in collaboration in new and powerful ways while also practicing writing skills and developing digital citizenship.  In this session, participants will learn about Kidblog and Edmodo, which are free, safe, and easy to use.  Come learn how to set up and manage student accounts, model meaningful and appropriate online communication, and successfully implement these tools in your classroom using 1:1 or shared iPads.

Autumn Laidler
Autumn has been teaching in high-needs Chicago Public Schools for six years at the elementary school level.  She is in her first year of 1:1 iPad implementation in science and social studies at National Teachers Academy.  She is passionate about project-based learning and inquiry in the classroom with a focus on digital creation by students, as well as creating connections with the global learning community.  You can learn more about her work at and follow Autumn on Twitter @mslaidler. 

Autumn’s Spotlight Session
Multimedia Science Journals
The traditional use of student science journals involve notes, lab documentation, information and data from an investigation, tables, charts and even sketches.  This session will highlight how the best elements of a science journal can be captured digitally along with the addition of photos, voice recording from the student, and research notes from online sources in the content.  The session will also explore uses of tags for organization of concepts, sharing between student and peers, and creating e-portfolios from the student work.  To explore building a journal bring an iPad to this session.

Kristin Ziemke
Kristin Ziemke is a first grade teacher at Burley School in Chicago.  She has participated in the Chicago Public Schools iPad Initiative for the past 2 years and is currently implementing a 1:1 iPad program with her 1st grade students.  Kristin is passionate about literacy, inquiry and social emotional development;  she uses iPads to increase student audience, enhance collaboration and teach foundational skills in digital citizenship.  Kristin is a Golden Apple Award winner, a recipient of the Kohl McCormick Early Childhood Teaching Award, and an Earthwatch Educator Fellow.  Kristin presents at conferences around the country and collaborates with schools and districts to implement best practice curriculum.  You can learn more about her work at and follow Kristin on Twitter @1stgradethinks.

Kristin’s Spotlight Session
The 21st Century Literacy Workshop--Using iPads to Promote Reading, Writing and Collaboration in the Primary Classroom
This session will show how one classroom uses iPads to transform the literacy workshop.  Using the components of active literacy to guide instruction, participants will see how iPads add an additional layer for student collaboration, audience and content creation.  This session will showcase how iPads merge seamlessly into a traditional workshop model and how students create products that are powerful, enduring and authentic. 

Mary Gurley
Mary Gurley is a 5th-8th grade special education teacher for students with low-incidence disabilities and the Rti Coordinator at Nettelhorst Elementary School.  She has been using iPads in the classroom for the past two years to engage students, increase independence, and encourage communication.  Mary’s teaching and expectations of her students have been completely transformed since the implementation of the iPad initiative in her classroom.  Mary participates in technology conferences and leads presentations for school districts on iPad best practices for special educators.

Mary’s Spotlight Session
iPads in Low-Incidence Classrooms
This session will focus on how the iPad can be used with students with moderate to severe cognitive disabilities, traumatic brain injury, autism and emotional disturbance.  This session will show how the iPad can be used as a communication device, progress monitoring and behavior management tool, and how it promotes an inclusive classroom.

Kim Darche
Kim Darche is the technology coordinator at Tarkington School of Excellcence which means she spends 35% of her time teaching computers, 25% of her time coaching teachers, 25% of time presenting workshops, 10% of her time webmastering and 5% of her time fixing printers, which she can only hope will decrease as iPad integration increases. She believes that successful technology integration stems from working with teachers and supporting them as they rejuvenate their teaching and redefine their classrooms. To follow Kim Darche’s rewarding and sometimes crazy journey through iPad and technology coaching visit or follow Kim on Twitter @kimber88.

Kim’s Spotlight Session
“My Principal Gave Me an iPad Cart and I am Scared to Death”
In this session, we will explore the anxiety and trepidation first timers face when thinking about transforming their classroom from a traditional to 1:1 environment. If you are a technology guru in your school and need to be the go-to iPad expert or a beginning iPad teacher come and get inspired! Whether you will be using the iPad for small group work, as a teacher tool or within whole class setting you will benefit from this session.

Anita Orozco
Anita Orozco-Huffman is a 6th-8th grade special education teacher and AUSL Mentor at National Teachers Academy. She joined the NTA staff in 2007 and has since enjoyed learning and growing with her students.  When Anita is not in the classroom, she is a member of the school leadership team, working on curriculum projects, and providing professional development to colleagues.  This year, Anita began implementing a 1:1 iPad expansion technology grant. She enjoys using this innovative technology to improve assessment practices, increase differentiation, and redefine her teaching.  She is passionate about using the iPad to create independent learners and student created content.  To learn more about her work with students with special needs, visit or follow Anita on Twitter @AnitaOrozco2.

Anita’s Spotlight Session
Redefining the Special Education Classroom with Student Created Content
This session will focus on the implementation of 1:1 iPads in a special education classroom.  The session will highlight how to meet her students IEP goals, differentiate the content, and increase the students’ self esteem with the use of the device. This session will showcase how students can create their own content on the iPads using iBooks Author, Keynote, Kabaam, etc. The session will explore how creation apps redefine the work the students are producing.  Lessons, strategies, tips and app suggestions will be shared.  Bring an iPad for a hands on experience.

Teresa Pohlad
Terry is the science chair at Hubbard High School, where she has been teaching biology for thirteen years. She was one of the recipients of CPS and Apple’s first wave of iPad grants. Prior to that she was a recipient of a Hewlett Packard laptop grant, for which she received a certificate from ISTE for professional development related to that grant. She recently co-presented at the Illinois ACT State Organization Annual Conference to show how iPad technology has transformed teaching and learning.  Her students use iPads for presentations, differentiated learning, test-taking, and research.

Kristin Peterson
Kristin Peterson has been teaching biology at Hubbard High School since 2006.  She received a set of iPads last year as part of the first wave of grants from CPS and Apple and immediately implemented them into all of her classes.  Kristin’s students use the iPads to explore science, organize their ideas, communicate with her and each other, and build literacy.  She is also a member of the Chicago chapter of the Yale National Initiative, a nation-wide collaboration to strengthen teaching in high-needs schools. 

Kristin and Terry’s Spotlight Session
Using iPads in the High School Classroom
Kristin and Terry will present on using iPads for researching and exploring content, for organizing thoughts and ideas, and for presenting and sharing. This session will demonstrate the types of materials we create and convey to students and how iPads can be used for differentiated instruction, and the various tools and apps available for student processing and presentation.

Kenn Freeman
Currently a Middle School Math & Technology Instructor at Spencer Technology Academy, Kenn has been a Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Classroom Teacher and Technology Specialist for about 10 years now. He’s been a key leader, early adopter, and implementer of educational technology initiatives at the local school level during this entire period. As an ISBE Certified Professional Development Provider, he’s delivered countless training sessions to educators on integrating various technologies into their instructional practices. This work lead to him to be recognized in 2012 as one of the 6 top Technology Innovators across the entire CPS district. Currently, he is leading efforts at Spencer to migrate 4th - 8th grade classrooms from printed to digital textbooks and instructional tools, using iPads in a 1-to-1 setting.

Kenn’s Spotlight Session
iPads as the Principle Teaching & Learning Tool (Grades 4-12)
In this session, educators will learn about some of the "Best Practices" that Kenn has implemented in the classroom for delivering technology-based instruction, completing assessments, and engaging students in presenting their ideas to peers using iPads. This session will also focus on effective ways for using iPads, and related tools, to lead or participate in Professional Development and/or Higher Education classes.

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